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simscclinks's Journal

Custom Content Junkie - Get Your Fix Here!
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If you've not yet experienced the whole custom content jones that most Sims players have, you don't know what your missing!

This community is here to help organize all the links out there to aid your search for specific downloads. We can help you find anything from eyeliner to the nude patch to gothic undies to custom lots!

When you find that custom content article or site you just can't live without, post the link in this community and share it with everyone else (unless you're a selfish, selfish person).

In your post you are welcome to post pics of the download. You're welcome to give us a teaser pic but put all the rest behind a cut please.but please, please put the pics behind a LJ-cut for those poor souls with dial-up internet. Let's just be mindful and save everyone's friends page from being too nuts! =)

Our one and only rule is that if you are posting a link you really ought to post the link. Besides that little item here's what we would like to see in your post:

1) Specify whether this link is a paid download or a free download.

2) Let us know whether or not the mesh comes with the download. (For extra special Sim Karma points add the link to the mesh!)

We'd like to organize these links by LJ tags. Each post can have multiple tags. Here are some ideas for tagging:

1) Genre - Genetics, Lots, Architecture, Objects, Fashion

2) Sub-category 1:
Genetics: Eyes, hair, make-up, body, skins, or full sim

Objects: Seating, surfaces, kitchen appliances, bathroom, decor, lighting, skill
builders, miscellaneous (wardrobes, nurseries, etc)

Fashion: Male or female toddler, male or female child, male or female teenager, male
or female young adult, male or female adult, male or female elder. Then please specify
is this is formal, everyday, undies, swim wear, or work out clothing.

Lots and architecture is up to you, so describe it as best as you can. Log house, mansion, haunted house, etc.

3) Sub-category 2 - This is where you get to describe the item you found. Did you find some amazing baby clothes that look like they were off the pages of a Laura Ashley catalog? Was it a cowboy hat? Or maybe some kind of goth/Lolita baby doll dress. Just try to really narrow it down to help out the others.

There are no punishments if you don't use tags, we don't think making a mistake in LJ is the end of the world and we're not going to run this community using strikes on people. We just ask that you think of the other people who use this community and just be helpful. Sims is fun to play and we want to make sure that you have a good time here too!

Most of all, be nice. Let's remember that behind every LJ screen name is a human being who is just looking to have a good time. We'd really not like to bar people or get all dramatic, so let's play nice, people, and have a good time!

Please bear with us as we build this community and organize it! Thanks!